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  • 格拉辛硅油紙

    格拉辛硅油紙(Siliconised Glassine Paper):原紙質地致密、均勻,有很好的內部強度和透光度,是制作條形碼標簽、不干膠、膠帶或者有粘性工業品的常用材料,特別適用于輪轉和平板模切。江河生產的格拉辛硅油紙有白色、藍色、黃色三種。The glassine paper is paper with even and dense texture, high internal stren



    格拉辛硅油紙(Siliconised Glassine Paper):原紙質地致密、均勻,有很好的內部強度和透光度,是制作條形碼標簽、不干膠、膠帶或者有粘性工業品的常用材料,特別適用于輪轉和平板模切。江河生產的格拉辛硅油紙有白色、藍色、黃色三種。

    The glassine paper is paper with  even and dense texture, high internal strength and is generally translucent for making barcode labels, self adhesive labels, adhesive tapes, or for other industrial applications where adhesive is used. The paper is suitable for die cutting in rolls or sheets. The siliconised glassine paper from us is in white、blue or  in yellow shade.