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About Girl Fans, LLC

Field of Dreams

Our company, while founded by two women fans in particular, is really an entire community of women and girls who love baseball. The framework was built in a website form, but girlsox nation is YOU. It's for every woman who enthusiastically shared an insight about a player and received only a blank stare and this comment, "Wow, you know a lot about baseball for a chick."

I'll never forget a hilarious girlsox fan in the Fenway bleachers (where we attended a Sox/Tigers game) who was heckling the Detroit fans with a beer in each hand, yelling little known facts about Detroit across the bleacher section. "FATTEST city in America," she started screaming furiously. I looked at the Detroit fan next to me, and wondered aloud if this were true. He confirmed that it was, but apparently Houston had just overtaken Detroit in this dubious distinction. I stared at this woman head to toe in Sox gear in admiration and awe...she STUDIED to be a better heckler.

We then found ourselves in unfriendly territory at the All Star Game in San Francisco, but whenever we spotted that B on a hat, the smiles were exchanged and high fives offered to other women we didn't even know. In a world of fashion magazines and soap opera images that drive women to compete for men and skinny waistlines, here the competition is only found on the field of play. "If you build it, they will come." Welcome to our girlsox nation website...our very own field of dreams.